Dan Voronov / Дан Вóронов

My craft is unusual experiments in contemporary art: performance, anti-dance, electronic sounds, dramaturgy.
I pursue ideas that lead us beyond everyday life. There we can experience an unfamiliar states and feel something differently.

I applied performance practices in the urban space, Butoh dance, mix of field recoding with Ableton software, verbatim in the doc theater, production of documentary and feature films to achieve this. I figured out post-drama theater, postmodernism and metamodernism. And I keep looking for new tools.
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You can cooperate with me when somebody unusual is required. Like participation in weird contemporary performance, creating a track from strange sounds, documentary theater on the topic nobody wants to talk about, etc.
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Fortunately, can't help you with a ordinary art. Especially for TV.

I strongly want to do art things that no one has ever done before


Now I use my various skills to create hybrid and interdisciplinary art projects.

At the age of 32 I met the Butoh dance and became a member of the "ZA" dancing group. I also do solo urban performances.

From the age of 27 I have been using my dramaturgic skill and desire to explore the world in the film and theater projects. And my infinite love to sound in the electro-musical projects.

As a teenager I played guitar and drums, wrote poems and stories. I photographed on the "Zenit" camera. Then it became the basis for early artworks.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been working on designing experiences and journeys that touch people's inner Self.

Also I know how to master the organization aspect: spliting the process into stages and keeping track of deadlines. For the art to take place, it is necessary to find the equipment, gather the audience through the social network and conduct a reasonable discussion-analysis afterwards. I did all that for many times.

But when there are a manager, vegan food and budget, I can put more attention into the idea itself.

Contact me and we’ll make the art.

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