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Avant-garde Butoh dance

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ZA / Butoh dancing group

ZA in Odesa, UA

I am member of the avant-garde dance formation ZA / Facebook public page.

performance in Izone gallery, Kyiv, UA. December 2017

Group was formed in the autumn of 2016 and had main performing activity in 2017.

at rehearsal, Nana and I
At the Odessa International Theater Festival OITF "Into The Roots" in 2017 we created exactly one hour performance. I mixed the track Monatik "Krujit" (very popular at that period mainstream pop song) to contentiously sounded version and then our very slow performance "TO MA TO" took place in the disco light flashing.

With ZA we have create two performance-show projects in PostPlayTheatre, Kyiv: "Eclipse" (spring 17) and "Darkness" (winter 17) .

In our second show "Eclipse" we dissociated ourselves from the audience with translucent coat:

video clip https://www.facebook.com/ZABUTOH/videos/2106107669602075/

"Darkness" show is an investigation of all the dark. We have black make-up (opposed to classical Butoh white makeup)

video clip https://www.facebook.com/ZABUTOH/videos/2094732324072943/

Butoh performances in Kyiv, UA

I have danced with and without ZA for the training and for the interesting result's aim in a variety of public urban spaces, particularly at Trukhaniv island and Bald Mountain. Video from one of the rehearsal 

    Also I have created a solo Butoh performance on my birthday public event in 2016 in the Museum of Dreams

Butoh workshops in Odesa, UA

In 2017 I participated in the show choreographed by Adam Cohen / shadowbody (USA) in the Invog gallery. 

We started slow walking on the street, and gradually came to the gallery where performed dying and then resurrecting.

video May 2nd | Butoh with 18 Performers | Adam Koan | Odessa, Ukraine | Photos in the FB event

In 2016 I participated in a show choreographed by Haru Hee (Japan) in the Museum of Modern Art.

We used the entire space of the museum. Our performance consisted of born awakening, "lived my life" walking to the main room, and then group dying in the next room.

video live stream record in Facebook 

Gogolfest 2016 in Kyiv, UA

GogolFest is the largest festival of contemporary arts in Ukraine. I participated in the workshop and final performance of Haru Hee (Japan).

some photos on flicker 

Butoh opera "Medea" by Ukho

In 2016 I took part in a large-scale concert and show near the Olympic Stadium, Kiev. Perfomance made by Flavia Ghisalberti (Switzerland) and Valentin Tszin  (Russia / Germany) for the Ukho concert agency. 

the show was at sunset time in summer at the stadium parking site
we have formed people wall with stones on our heads

We moved very slowly, literally floating over the asphalt, oncoming to the audience.
first 20 minutes we were almost invisible behind the backs of the musicians

Valentin and Flavia 
video Rehearsal butoh opera "Medea" at the "Olympic"

To participate in this show I have to pass many complex rehearsals in any weather. But it was worth it.

Valentin coordinating our wall in one of the rehearsals

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