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Camera work

In 2015 I and director Lisa Babenko picked locations and developed "Towards the Figure of Father" visual concept of her film.

Lisa explained to residents that we want to do here

I've used Canon 5D camera with different lens. The most difficult was the sex scene in the bushes, where I gradually enter using the Flycam device.

film still. Lisa is also the main character

one of our shooting locations. Pucha-Vodica district, Kyiv, UA
Lisa has not posted film in public access, but had screening in Odessa International kinofest, and then at the International Cannes fest.

Documentary films

At 2015 I have ended editing my second doc film"Pit-hole: wanderers".  It is based on interview made in the summer, 2015 August 11.

In a small house on the remote district of Kiev there are wanderers living. They are street musicians that speaking of the spiritual permanent.

music DVD of main character

During this time I studied in Kateryna Gornostai's docfilms school at Gogolfest, Kyiv.

Katerina with a microphone at the graduation of doc school

The name of my film also refer to the movie "Pit-hole" by Jiří Stejskal about the owners of houses where musicians lives.

still from the film

This film is interesting mix of the spiritual quest, authentic music, big ideas, doubt and artist place in society.

can be viewed here (only russian subtitles by now).

In 2013 I made full-length documentary film "Vote for our theater, please"

Art Group of young artist-performers fights for the chance to win 100 000 UAH (12 000 USD at that time) to create own theater. They need support in form of Likes. And that just will not do for the Likes...


Film is divided into the countdown time parts to the final deadline.

from the movie

For me it is a very important film about the riot of the creative energy and drive to the Dream / Goal.

studio where was the final announcement goes
We did premier screening in the cinema of GogolFest 2013
watch on russian on YouTube

Feature films

I have three main works.

Some of my films scripts (rus/ukr lang) online: ".root" (2014 on screenplay.com.ua ), "Closed" (2013 read ), and for the project " Ukraine, goodbye! » (2012, 2011, 2010) on screenplay.com.ua.

My third film

Alice show her festival's poster at the Cannes fake backdrop :)

I had create an experimental short film "Creation"(2013) for the Dreamfest festival on the theme of dreams. Is it based on my poem about creative process as whole.

Core idea: combining oscillation of two aesthetics - documentary manual camera and staged studio picture on a prof camera.

still in a documentary aesthetics

I became a Man in the film's world. A Girl plays a young actress Nastya Vergeles. Both of us all the time with eyes closed. Detailed description on russian.

Nastya and still in staging aesthetics

My second film

I wanted to work with the idea of creating a narrative collage. Typically, this is inconsistency techniques: collage is postmodern method and narrative with a direct hero's journey is modern. I cut my script to create similar to the memory collage flash experience. Else I add some puzzles on Taras Shevchenko memorial places (a monument, a memorial hut, in the final in behind chapels, where his funeral was help).

Filmed for the Ukrainian state in 2012 year, my short film "National Idea in Ukraine" or "N.I.V.U." is part of a larger project "Ukraine, Goodbye! "

I involved in project in 2010 almost from the beginning and wrote 17 scripts, two of which were selected for the money support and filming stage.

In the beginning I wrote script without talking. But then in the discussion, we all agreed that the insertion of only one word in the climax is even better. 

flag's size testing

I worked with Fresh production for casting, selection of locations (the hotel entrance and the hotel room, restaurant, university, her room, parks and streets, tram, lake) and three days of filming. All film visual decisions made with Diana Olifirova, who became the operator of this and my first film.

Diana and Alice at the shootings

To change flags still like continuous day/night moment we used a generator and flood by light all the street.

General coordination of shooting a very cool process and production in this great help.

Olha Bobrovska and Alex Furman are the main actors

We did some experimentation with color-correction profiles. And sound was mixed to 5.1 for cinemas.

still with one of color style variant

Movie premiere shown at the fest of Tarkovskih in Kyiv.

My first short film

"Happens" (2011-12) is based on a theatrical monologue by Lena Shevchenko.

It was difficult because we have done all ourselves without a budget. You can read detailed description (rus lang).

storyboard by Diana
Watch the short film "Happens"
The film was premiere screened at the festival in Kharkov.

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