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Experimental Music

Mantras mix

I am interested in how sound effecting psyche and why repetitive structures (like mantra) works.

2018. Art Center 001 (Kyiv). I mixed popular mantras records together with the sounds of nature and had projected the text of mantras within space onto ceiling of the room.

It was important for me to make fluid transitions of states and design inner journey for the people. 

The ensemble of Terror

Autumn 2017. Izone. Andrei Gorokhov (rus wiki) brought us, some of the participants of the Open Mixer (regular event where pre-registered musicians gets 15 minutes of public speakers system for share their works) to play a wired thing not similar to modern electronics.

I and Seva (right) playing together on the Open Mixer

We did two experimental concert: Andrei Gorokhov - texts and performance, Dan Zlobin - bass guitar, Dan Voronov - Ableton live and acoustic guitar, Vlad Ivanov - electric guitar, Seva Syrovatsky - drum machine.

The second "Office of industrial horror / Evil Compressor". I scratch out or wound up on the strings of an acoustic guitar signal to the microphone, which then went through a large number of filters to the speakers system. Also was a fragment where I performed solo with no effects.

Promo video of the rehearsal https://www.facebook.com/izone.ua/videos/2026107897671390/

The first "Black hole of the Kyiv Metro" concert. I was mixing records of metro trains and other noise, as well as used one synthesizer.

The idea is that we had four speakers in different corners of the room, two mixers and everyone have access only to one or two speaker. I could play in one or the other channel, or very rarely in two. Listeners could hear different ratio of us due to the fact that each speaker had its own direction. here demonstrates this effect

World Listening Project

https://worldlisteningday.org movement ideologically tied to idea of making music based on locally recorded sounds. Also, each year there is more narrow topic, like water.

I participated in three concerts organized by Olesia Onykiienko (Neither the Nor Famous Rich, interview) in the framework of this idea.

2017 Third concert "104 ° 27 '" on the water topic. 

Listen Dan Voronov — Live set for 104°27’ @ Plivka

2016 The second concert "Materials".  My selected material is polyethylene. 

With Eugene Schukin we make a video for the background projection where I'm sitting with a polyethylene closed face.

still from a video
Listen to Materials concert, polyethylene    |   Video fragment

2016 The first concert - "Listening to the City".

I tried to find a maximum of the sounds, which can be as for me more Kyivish. Including street musicians with famous song "Kyiv of My". 

Listen to fragment from "Listening to the city"

Solo sets

Electronic music for me opens the opportunity to explore the impact of a combination of sounds and distortion to the state of mind.

2016, Izone, Kyiv. I participated in the concert, but it was essentially a four solo sets. In mine I developed the idea of ​​ completely overflowing different types of music.

Listen to Live set @ 12/23/16 IZONE .

Summer 2016. On Free Mixer events I tried to combine the music based on recorded sounds (including my body sounds) and music composed by me on the Abelton's built-in banks and synth.

Listen to (extended version) from Open Mixer @ Izone

"The sounds of Kiev"

I was very impressed by sound art program on GogolFest 2010. I really grasped the idea of listening environment, and began record the city.

I started in the social network VKotakte public entitled "Sounds of Kyiv" (audio https://vk.com/audios-18920085 and began to recording interesting as for me places in Kyiv:

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