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Interdisciplinary Art Projects

Contemporary ritual room

Summer 2019. I created a symbol system and painted "ritual" graffiti on it. This is an unfinished building of a hospital for the mentally ill. Last floor.

Contemporary ritual room

Telegram's bots reading "In the homeless world"

Spring 2019. I've made rethinking of our with Julia Gonchar drama project (see theater page). I've made 4 bots that are become "actors" "reading" everyday our play in the public chat as it goes in real time. When they finished, all the text "burns" out.

        You can find details in the article (rus lang).

Web art and installation "Chuttya"

Summer 2018. I take part in "Summer architecture school at Soshenko 33" and created the media catch of the "spirit" of this house.

One of mine topics was #between so i find interesting to draw attentions to doors. Closed doors.

The web address of project is http://danvoronov.com/prj/soshenko33/

You can read details
in the article (rus lang).

Makes me happy

Interactive Theater Project aimed to find the best and most positive manifestations of life around us.

2016 spring to autumn. I offered to everybody through facebook and to my friends send me their texts about what makes them happy. Also I asked to add tittles of favorite songs below.

We used 9 stories by Oleksandra Kosmі, Svit in, Ott, Julia Gonchar, D, z-nova, Alice Kino, Dan Voronov, Julia Solnechna.
In addition to this texts I aded excerpts from books on positive psychology.

We made three performances with the support of PostPlayTheater (Kyiv) and actors (Galina Dzhikaeva, Oleg Shurigin) and independent actors (Olya Proskura, Natalia Zagasheva).

Facebook public "Makes me happy" facebook.com/menya.raduet.project with post on the positive position's themes was online part of the project.

Video record is available on YouTube.

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